My very first blog!

I’m very excited to be able to share my progress and adventures with you.  Blogging is not something I even remotely thought I’d be doing and I’m out of my comfort zone, but I figure if I don’t push myself, I won’t grow and learn and achieve amazing things!

So why ‘Me Walking the World’? It was a simple idea really.  2016 is the first year I have been able to truly find what I am passionate about and I rediscovered my love of hiking.  At the start of this year I registered myself and a team of friends to do the 30km Kokoda Challenge in the D’Aguilar Forest on the outskirts of Brisbane and while the original date was set for June, Brisbane – true to form – put on one of the biggest storms 2 days before and the event was postponed due to track safety concerns.  Preparation to that point had been brilliant, 10-20km walks every 1-2 weeks through the Mt Coot-tha National Park.  Talk about some challenging tracks!  Needless to say, everyone was a little disappointed.

In the meanwhile, I’d booked myself and my partner on a trip to Paris and the UK.  The first day we arrived in Paris after the flight, we walked 15km without even realising it as we were too busy looking around.  In the space of 5 days, we’d walked over 100km and saw some amazing sites!  Next stop was the UK where we travelled through Yorkshire, the Lake District, Cotswolds, London and numerous other places, clocking up another 200km plus of walking in beautiful countryside, villages, cities and towns before we flew home.

The first thing I did when I got home was register for The Bloody Long Walk, a 35km walk from Sandgate to Brisbane on 2nd October.  Then I found out that the Kokoda Challenge had been reschedule to 4th September!  Two 30km+ hikes 4 weeks apart!

After completing the Kokoda Challenge in 8 hours (bush terrain) and the Bloody Long Walk in 6 hours (relatively flat track) I decided I needed to set myself another challenge.

My inspiration came from my cousin who at 64yo did the El Camino Pilgrimage in Portugal and my thought was I need to stop procrastinating. Over the past 4 years, life taught me that I didn’t really believe in myself and that I’m actually stronger than I think I am and can overcome many obstacles.  It taught me that if I put my mind to something that I can accomplish anything, but I have to give myself a chance.

I looked up treks to Everest Base Camp….again (for about the 20th time).  In an online fitness page, a lovely woman shared her Base Camp story and was kind enough to give me some personal insight into her experience.  I then found Turia’s Everest Trek, which appealed to me so much as I love helping people, I love hiking and I will get to photograph one of the most amazing places in the entire world! I doubted whether I could do it and was keen to have a good friend come with me, she declined but said I should do it anyway.  Again I thought, I can’t do this on my own.  I spoke to my partner, who’s response was “why are you asking me? Just do it!”

I’ve bitten the bullet and I’m now trekking to Everest Base Camp in May 2017. In this blog I will share with you my preparation, my fundraising efforts, my thought processes and who knows what adventures will be in store for me after this!

Thankyou for reading! Carole x

turias-everest-trek-banner #TuriasEverestTrek

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