Surround yourself with amazing people

As I’m standing in Sydney Airport, an announcement comes over the PA saying the flight has been delayed due to engineering issues and the length of the delay is unknown. A sigh goes around the departure gate and a dozen or so people get up and approach the desk with concerned and frustrated looks on their faces. About 10mins later another announcement occurs telling us to change gates and board a different aircraft. The Virgin team had worked wonders backstage and we were back on our way to Brisbane.

For me this wasn’t a big deal as I’d arrived at the airport early and got on a flight 5hrs before my scheduled flight, so as long as I got on an earlier flight I was happy. But it made me so grateful that I have an amazing team working backstage for me to help me get to Everest Base Camp.

Big Shout outs to these amazing peeps:

Alesha from Building Elite – coach, trainer, counsellor and all round amazing chick. Getting my strength, mobility and endurance on track for my trek.

Jess from Optimum Strength Therapy – remedial massage guru who has managed to cause tears and bruising and make me feel like I’m walking in a cloud afterwards with all the tightness that has suddenly released 

Sandra from Total Body Fusion – chiro extraordinaire who made me pain free and has improved my mobility and posture

My chosen family – Dean, Barb, Den, Jo, Trent, Pyper and Jack for being there supporting and believing me no matter how hangry, tired, sore or absent I am because of my training

My sisters from other mothers – Helen, Mel and Char, I could not do this without you, you are all amazing and I would not be the same or have been crazy enough to believe I could do this without you both.

And to my mum and dad, who I miss more than words can express, I’ll be closer to heaven when I use your strength, spirit and memories to get to Everest Base Camp.

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