Hi, my name is Carole, I’m in my fabulous forties and I live in Brisbane, Australia.  I was born in Yorkshire, England and from a young age, I remember walking everywhere with my parents as we didn’t have a car, I guess it started from there!

When we moved to Australia, we lived not far from the water, so walks with the dog on the beach were a regular occurrence and as I got older, started to venture further afield.

Australia is spoilt with natural beauty and over many years I’ve walked hundreds  (more likely thousands) of kilometres through the environment.

I’ve never had the opportunity to do much travel until the past few years and now I have the bug to explore the rest of the world, cities and countryside alike.

I’ve always had a love of the natural world and taking my time to be present in it. Life got in the way for awhile but now my camera and I are out to explore, capture and remember as much of this magical world as we possibly can.

I hope you enjoy my journey too.